Detective Forst – Horrific Murders, Mysteries, and Traumas in the High Tatras

SERIES REVIEW – Premiering on Netflix in January 2024, Detective Forst made a mark with its dark theme and stunning visual narrative. This Polish crime drama pivots around the brilliant detective Wiktor Forst, who joins forces with enigmatic journalist Olga Szrebska to unravel a string of brutal murders.


Featuring well-known Polish talents such as Borys Szyc as Wiktor Forst, Andrzej Bienias as Edmund Osica, Zuzanna Saporznikow as Olga Szrebska, Kamilla Baar as Dominika Wadrys Hansen, and Aleksandra Grabowska as Agata Osica, the series showcases a strong ensemble.

The screenplay, penned by Agata Malesinska, Jacek Markiewicz, and Marcin Cecko, weaves a tale inspired by Remigiusz Mróz’s captivating Forst crime novels. Mróz has written six Forst novels to date, with the series’ inaugural season drawing heavily from the first two, “Unveiling Secrets” and “Startling Twists.” Detective Forst held the potential to be an engrossing crime drama filled with mysteries and unforeseen twists, yet it unfortunately fell short in certain aspects.



Ruthless Murders in the High Tatras


Available on Netflix, Detective Forst unfolds a narrative set in the heart of the Tatra Mountains. The series’ protagonist, the cynical yet effective policeman Wiktor Forst, investigates a series of brutal murders. Themes of atonement for past sins, a broken detective, and an unyielding journalist are prevalent.

The plot revolves around ritualistic murders and the secrets of the Tatras. The series is worth watching for its outstanding visual presentation and acting, despite shortcomings in the script and character development. The series’ atmosphere and premise are intriguing, and the beautiful natural setting adds to the mood.



Underachieving Crime Drama


The Polish crime series on Netflix, infused with dark, investigative, and horrific elements, starts with great promise but doesn’t quite reach the pinnacle of success. The heartbeat of a distinguished crime series lies in a clever, twist-filled screenplay and adrenaline-inducing action scenes. In these respects, Detective Forst doesn’t quite reach the “Tatra peak” of expectations.

The story begins with a chilling opening scene, where a mysterious character meets a cruel end. The stage is then set for Forst, a rule-defying yet highly professional detective known for his dedication and thoroughness in murder investigations. Teaming up with a notably attractive and equally committed journalist, Forst challenges the police department’s hierarchy, determined to uncover the truth.

Additionally, the series explores Forst’s troubled past, which not only adds a new layer to the mystery but also increasingly ties into the crime as the series progresses. Unfortunately, the screenplay doesn’t allow for the full development of these subplots, leaving a deeper understanding of the characters unachieved.

This weakens the impact of a scene where the detective discovers a character’s true identity. Similarly, the intricate relationship between Forst and Edmund is not explored in depth, diminishing the intensity of their emotional scene.



Missed Opportunities


In Detective Forst, an untapped gold mine lies in the development of the relationship between Olga and Forst, which had the potential to mirror a Polish True Detective series. The clash of these two strong-willed characters, who both dismiss rules, could have laid the groundwork for an explosive relationship. There are glimpses of this potential, especially in the first episode, but the storytelling fails to fully develop this dynamic. The series also falls short in action scenes, lacking the detail and captivating intensity expected by crime drama aficionados.

Despite the average screenplay, Borys Szyc compellingly portrays Forst, trying to convey his internal struggles through his charisma, seasoned acting skills, and appearance. However, the screenplay limits his ability to fully exploit his talents. Andrzej Bienias as the elder police chief and Zuzanna Saporznikow also give their all to breathe life into their somewhat simplistic characters. Andrzej particularly stands out in an emotionally charged scene, experiencing emotional trauma. Zuzanna is convincing in her initial scenes alongside Szyc, but Aleksandra Grabowska is given fewer opportunities for standout performances.

The series’ background music doesn’t add much to the story, being somewhat ordinary, yet there are other merits. The creators sensitively handle the bolder scenes, which seamlessly integrate into the story, and the breathtaking natural scenery greatly benefits the series.



Promising Yet Flawed Polish Crime Drama


Detective Forst boasts a promising premise, but it needed a well-written screenplay to captivate viewers. The story could have been exciting, with its stunning original setting and dark, horror-like elements, but the overall picture remains incomplete. The acting performances and impressive 4K visual presentation elevate the production, yet the screenplay’s deficiencies and the lack of character development are apparent. The series’ highly irritating cliffhanger and illogical ending also come as a major letdown.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-






Detective Forst

Direction - 7.2
Actors - 7.4
Story - 6.4
Visuels/Action - 7.4
Ambience - 7.6



Detective Forst is a promising, hard-hitting Polish crime series on Netflix that falls short in some areas. While the acting and visuals are exceptional, the weak script and lack of character development are evident. Nevertheless, the series is worth watching for its breathtaking scenery, intriguing premise, and dark mood. Recommended for True Detective fans, even if it doesn't quite match up to that series.

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