Google Bard Continues To Conquer – Another Service To Incorporate AI-Assistance!

TECH NEWS – Google Bard is also coming to Google Messages – this is how the new AI-assisted system will work.



There’s no denying that Google takes Bard pretty seriously. After all, the company has decided to integrate its AI chatbot into every service it currently provides! If this really becomes a reality, then we will see the introduction of Google Bard in many places in the future. Now, some new information has come to light, such as that the chatbot could be included in Google Messages, which is a smart move.

Google Messages with Bard will indeed be a handy feature for anyone using RCS.

Assemble Debug patched this feature in Google Messages version 20240111_04_RC00. Based on the information found by the source, users will be able to initiate RCS chats with Bard within the app. Users will also be able to add Bard to chats with other users. This sounds like a really weird but valuable feature in the future.

A screenshot shows that when using Bard with Google Messages, users will be able to write messages, translate languages, identify images and discover other exciting things. It also uses the user’s location and previous chats. So it can provide more answers, which definitely sounds like a feature many of us would like.

It is also worth noting that the feature is not yet available for use at the time of writing, and it is also essential to keep in mind that you must be at least 18 years old to use this feature.

Conversations on Bard using Google Messages will also not be end-to-end encrypted. Google also claimed that conversations on Bard and their associated data will be stored for 18 months.

Google even said that users should not write messages that they do not want the reviewer to see. So, if they have sensitive information in mind, the company advises them not to do so. However, the data is saved for 72 hours if Bard is turned off actively.

Whatever the case, Google certainly takes Bard seriously. Soon, we will be able to integrate it into many services, including Google Messages. As soon as this feature is actually available to users, we will let you know.

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