Is Walmart About To Dispose The Physical Copies Of Starfield!?

One of the largest hypermarket chains in the US is reportedly preparing to dump copies of the latest game from Bethesda Game Studios.


The expansion of digital media has meant that sales of physical copies are on the decline, although if it is a game that can be started without an Internet connection (which would be necessary because you have more than a small portion of the game, or even less, on the disc), then this may be an advantage over a digitally purchased copy protected (DRM-d) copy.

Walmart may follow the lead of Best Buy (the latter US chain recently stopped selling DVDs and Blu-ray discs), as there were rumors last year that they might stop selling Xbox games on disc. This is supported by some internal Walmart employee messages on social media regarding Starfield. If it’s not a hoax, Walmart could be offering a huge discount on Todd Howard’s game starting Monday… however, the UPC and the item number return zero search results.

They will be trying to get rid of their remaining copies of Starfield for 3 cents instead of the current $70. 3 cents is 1/2310 of $70. But there is also a point of sale block, so the game cannot be purchased unless there is a loophole to still buy the first-person space RPG for that much. Walmart has until February 5th to get rid of the discs. Wario64, who shared the inside info, also heard this from another source, so the information may be credible.

Maybe the big problem is that Starfield didn’t turn out to be as stunning a game as Microsoft and Bethesda Game Studios had hoped. Or it could be that people are too lazy to buy retail copies. It’s a worrying sign, and we may not even see Blu-ray drives in the next generation of consoles in the new Xbox and PlayStation…

Source: GameRant

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