Lisa Frankenstein: the Handsome Dead Man Deserves a New Body Part

MOVIE NEWS – The horror comedy Lisa Frankenstein attempts to reinterpret the Frankenstein myth, in which it is not a mad scientist who brings a corpse to life and stuffs it with fresh body parts, but a misunderstood teenage girl.


The titular Lisa (Kathryn Newton) is the proverbial eccentric girl in class, only really at home in the cemetery, where he fantasizes about the loves of past ages. Until, by chance, the corpse of a handsome young man who died in 1847 (Cole Sprouse) comes to life, from which the girl tries to sculpt a person, or rather to escape with the help of suitable donors, who supply the missing limbs to their will despite.

The short summary also shows that this is not an ordinary romantic story coming to cinemas on Valentine’s Day. Diablo Cody, who won an Oscar for the screenplay of Juno in 2007, and went on to make a name for himself with films like Psycho Single and The Devil’s Inside You, will take care of the original twists. em>. “Whatever I write about, the hero goes through a dramatic change, is possessed by a demon, or his life takes a radical turn,” Cody told Entertainment Weekly. – I always examine how much the hero can remain the same after the change, which part is completely replaced. In the current film, the exchange of parts must be taken exceptionally literally.”

Kathryn Newton was inspired by the classic horror comedy Young Frankenstein, also featuring the legendary comedian Gene Wilder . “He was an incredible actor who hovered somewhere in hyperspace between two extremes: he played completely insane characters, but at the same time he was normal in a way that you could always identify with, which is why almost all of his films remain in the memory.”

Cole Sprouse feels that the role of the likable corpse represents a new peak in his career, because he had to use a completely different set of acting tools than before. “They put half a kilo of masks on me every day, so there was no question of mimicry, my character can’t even speak, I had to say everything with snoring, moaning and gestures,” says the young actor. “Technically, this is my most physical role so far, it was a lot of fun to learn how to express emotions only through body language.”

(Lisa Frankenstein – domestic release: February 8, 2024.)

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