Former Xbox Console-Exclusive Hit Game Comes To PS5! [VIDEO]

Previously only available on consoles through the Xbox Series X/S, the critically acclaimed game was released on January 23 for PS5.



The critically acclaimed Immortality, previously only available on consoles via Microsoft’s Xbox Series X and S, has now made its way to Sony’s PlayStation 5. Previously available through Xbox Game Pass, the title was one of the best-rated games of the year and won several prestigious awards. It’s not that unusual for games that were first released on only a few systems to get ports to other platforms later in their life cycle, such as Xbox exclusives for PS5.

For example, the horror adventure game Scorn was released for PS5 in October 2023, roughly a year after it originally debuted on PC and Xbox X/S series consoles.

Now, Immortality has undergone a similar development. The interactive movie game initially released in August 2022 for PC and Xbox Series X/S consoles can finally be enjoyed by PlayStation 5 users as of January 23. The title immerses players in a captivating mystical story for $19.99. The game was created by the renowned developer Sam Barlow. The British game designer was behind the equally compelling Her Story. The latter has been hailed as one of the best story-driven games of all time.

Before its release on PS5, Immortality was playable on macOS as well as iOS and Android devices. It was also previously available on Xbox Game Pass. But last August, the game left the subscription service. Fortunately, there are still plenty of great indie games on Xbox Game Pass. Among them are several horror games that Immortality fans can enjoy.

After its initial release, Immortality became one of the top-rated games of 2022, joining the likes of Elden Ring and God of War: Ragnarök.

Critics have particularly praised Immortality’s acting. Actor Manon Gage, who played the game’s central character, Marissa Marcel, finally bagged the best performer trophy at the 2022 Golden Joystick Awards. Immortality itself has received several prestigious accolades, including the British Academy Games Award for Narrative.

Barlow’s next project could be completely different from his recent work. In a 2023 interview, the developer revealed that he and the indie studio he founded, Half Mermaid, had already begun pre-production on a 3D game. Barlow also noted that work on the game had to be paused during the development of Immortality. Since no other details about the title have been revealed, it is unknown whether Barlow’s 3D game is intended for PC, Xbox Series X/S, Sony PS5, or even Nintendo Switch.

Source: Press-Start, YouTube

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