Gears Of War Creator Speaks – Could He Be Involved In The Franchise’s Next Game?!

GoW creator Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski has given his take on his possible involvement in Gears of War 6, which is in development.



Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinski has shared his thoughts on the rumoured next instalment in the franchise. He hinted that he would be open to returning to the series. The sci-fi shooter franchise, which first debuted on Xbox 360 in 2006, has become one of the most popular first-party franchises on Xbox. The first three games were all developed by Epic Games, the later creator of Fortnite. Then, starting with Gears 4, the in-house Xbox studio, The Coalition, took over the franchise. Now, the original creator of GoW remains interested in helping the franchise’s future.

Leaks have hinted that the next Gears of War will significantly change from previous games in the series, suggesting that Gears of War 6 could debut as an open-world game that draws from Gears 5’s open environments.

The information also suggested that Microsoft is targeting a 2026 release date for the sixth GoW, marking a seven-year gap from the previous part.

As reported by VGC, Cliff Bleszinski shared his official stance on a new Gears of War game in a recent tweet. He expressed interest in participating in the latest edition. Bleszinski, also known as CliffyB, writes that he is “down to consult” on the game because he considers the GoW franchise “an ENORMOUS part” of his legacy. However, he reveals that neither Microsoft nor The Coalition approached the original creator about GoW 6.

Bleszinski has also shared some of his personal projects since the closure of the Boss Key game studio, working in restaurants and on Broadway, and now writing comics and doing stand-up comedy.

Therefore, Bleszinski’s participation in Gears of War 6 is still uncertain. But CliffyB wasn’t shy about sharing his opinion and thoughts on the franchise’s future. Bleszinski previously shared his excitement about the upcoming Gears of War game. Based on a tip he got from a friend who worked as a Gears 5 writer. CliffyB also shared his thoughts on how he would change the franchise. He feels that GoW could benefit from a reboot similar to God of War (2018).

Bleszinski’s newly shared stance on Gears of War 6 comes as the game’s development is reportedly ramping up. A celebratory tweet from GoW’s official account and a subsequent response from the developer started the speculation. Maybe fans will learn more about the game in 2024. Rumours persist of a possible GoW collection. Suggesting that The Coalition is quietly working on a remaster of the original trilogy. Between Gears of War 6 and compilation rumours, fans may not have to wait much longer for more instalments in the franchise.

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