Ghost Of Tsushima’s Sequel’s Name May Be Different Than You Think!

It’s unlikely that Sucker Punch Productions will settle for Ghost of Tsushima 2 (although the Death Stranding sequel is heading in that direction; its subtitle leaked this week and we wrote about it).


It’s been almost four years since Ghost of Tsushima was released on PlayStation 4, but its conclusion raises the question of what the sequel might be called. Jin Sakai’s story was great (he went from an honest samurai to a traitorous warrior from the darkness), but his story may not have ended there, and given Sony’s admitted desire for blockbuster success, it’s surely for that reason that a sequel has already been ordered, which the company has yet to announce.

The sequel will have to take into account where Jin and his friends are going, as our hero has no reason to stay around Tsushima anymore. He has been branded a traitor and can no longer be considered a member of the Sakai clan, even though he liberated his territory from the Mongol army and helped all his friends. He no longer has a place on the island, so there is a chance that he will move to the main island of Japan itself, and let’s not forget Yuna. Jim committed himself to her towards the end of the game.

Yuna had always planned to leave Tsushima Island with Taka, but first Lord Shimura asked her to help Jin retake Shimura Castle before he offered to help them leave the island. Only then did Yuna decide to help Jin wipe out the Khan’s army and free the people. If she stuck to her original plan, she would eventually leave the island, and Jin would have to follow her out of loyalty. In the epilogue, Yuna tells Jin to remember that Tsushima will need the warrior, which could also be a sign of departure.

If Jin leaves for Japan, the title of the game could be Ghost of Japan, since it is not the place that made him famous, but his activities as a ghost, although he could always be remembered as the Ghost of Tsushima because of his previous work. It all depends on Sucker Punch…

Source: GameRant

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