Could The New Metro Game Take An Unusual Direction According To An Insider?!

It’s not known if the new game from studio 4A Games will be a VR exclusive or a hybrid, but it looks very much like we’re getting a VR Metro game…



The Ukrainian studio 4A Games was founded in 2006 by former developers of S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. With the Metro series, they never strayed far from the post-apocalyptic game style. The adaptations of Russian writer Dmitri Glukhovsky‘s novels became famous not only for their dystopian world but also for their hyperrealistic graphics. This popular saga is now getting a new VR game, according to rumours from reliable sources.

Due to the instability of the European region and the Russian annexation of Crimea, the studio had to diversify its work and open a new headquarters in Malta, so it is understandable how long they were silent.

Now, four years after the release of Metro Exodus and on behalf of Embracer Group, which acquired the company in 2020, it seems that the Ukrainian team is working on a new title. If all is true, it will be Metro Awakening.


Could Metro Awakening be the new game in the saga?


The existence of a new Metro game is uncertain until official confirmation from 4A Games or Embracer via Saber Interactive (the studio’s publisher). However, according to Insider Gaming, which confirmed this information, insider Kurakasis has the exclusive scoop on this game, which will be announced soon.

Kurakasis is known for leaking the title of MachineGames’ new Indiana Jones game, which was confirmed a few days later during the Xbox Developer Direct.

However, he did not reveal details about whether the game will be multiplayer or single-player. You may have both. He also couldn’t confirm if it were a VR-only release, though he did confirm that the game is being made to take advantage of the technology.

Given the company’s history, a hybrid concept of a classic-style game and an additional virtual reality version would not be surprising. The Metro series has always been first-person, which would make a VR version easier. Without having to “touch” any of the others. For now, we can only wait for official confirmation from one of the members behind the project.

Source: Insider Gaming, X

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