The Last Of Us: Home Alone Actress Could Join The Cast Of Season 2?!

MOVIE NEWS – The Last of Us season 2 cast has been rumoured to have cast an Emmy Award-winning character actress alongside Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey.



It looks like The Last of Us Season 2 cast members Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey might be sharing the screen with industry legend Catherine O’Hara!

The post-apocalyptic and post-pandemic world of The Last of Us captured the American audience. The TV series may be more important than fans think. After all, it became the first video game adaptation to be nominated in the major Emmy categories. In the end, he collected 8 wins as well as 24 nominations. Pascal and Ramsey were nominated for their starring roles, and Nick Offerman and Storm Reid won for their guest appearances.

However, according to a recent rumour, O’Hara, another decorated TV star, will be joining the impressive cast of The Last of Us Season 2.

Popular internet scribbler Daniel Richtman claims that the Emmy-winning Schitt’s Creek actress has been offered the role of a recurring character named Gail. She will appear in at least three episodes. Little is known about the role yet, but fan theories are already circulating. One Twitter user commented: “Abigail, Gail… Abby’s mom?” Meanwhile, several others have suggested that she could be the Prophet Seraphite from the game’s 2020 sequel, The Last of Us Part II.

Incidentally, O’Hara’s amazing biography includes such iconic titles as Beetlejuice or the Home Alone movies. She can unquestionably handle any role that comes his way.

Little is known about The Last of Us Season 2 as well, but it will likely follow the game’s events, as the series is co-written by video game writer and Naughty Dog head of game development, Neil Druckmann.

The story of the second part of the game begins five years after the first game’s events. Joel and Ellie arrive at a commune of peaceful survivors in Wyoming. Pascal and Ramsey also get starring roles again. Without spoiling too much, the game largely follows Ellie on a dangerous mission fueled by a desire for revenge…

There is currently no official release date for The Last of Us Season 2, but Mazin has confirmed that filming will begin on February 12th this year.

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