Even the Most Critical Audience Went Wild at the Premiere of the Bob Marley Movie

CINEMA NEWS – Bob Marley One Love, a film about the life of one of the pioneers of reggae, was shown for the first time in Kingston, Jamaica.


Ziggy Marley, one of the musician’s sons, the film’s executive producer, just watched the production for the first time with an audience and was very satisfied with the result. “The audience received the film as I expected,” Ziggy told TV Jamaica’s morning show. – They breathed together with the actors, they laughed when we did during the making of the film, and they were moved when they needed to be. Before the screening, I was a little worried about what the most critical would say, because the Jamaican audience is the most competent on the subject, but I was relieved because the film was received exactly as we wanted it to be.”

Bob Marley One Love was presented to a truly illustrious audience. Meghan Markle and her husband Prince Harry were there as surprise guests, the Prime Minister of Jamaica and half of the government also came.

(Bob Marley One Love – domestic release: February 22, 2024)

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