The Secret Weapon of the Super Spy Argylle Revealed

MOVIE NEWS – Director Mathew Vaughn has high hopes for his new film, who, with Argyle, the super spy, set out to put the genre of spy films in a new light. According to him, the production was so successful because the audience will have at least as much fun as the selected team that made it.


“The secret weapon of this movie is that it was a huge party to make, and that will definitely come across in theaters,” Vaughn told ScreenRant. “The Traveling Wilburys have always been the perfect supergroup for me, and our team is just like that: all A-list actors came together, they threw in everything they had, and with that they raised each other to a higher level.”

Henry Cavill (Superman) plays Argyle, and Bryce Dallas Howard (Jurassic World) plays writer Elly Conway, whose his spy novels get too close to reality, so he is pursued by a mysterious organization bent on world domination. Then a real spy, Aidan (Sam Rockwell), intervenes, and he and Elly flee from country to country. The story cannot miss the mysterious woman of fate, Lagrange (Dua Lipa), and the all-knowing retired spy Alfred Solomon (Samuel L. Jackson) supports the heroes in the background.

Vaughn revealed that his goal with the film was to atone for the “sins” he committed with his previous spy films (Kingsman franchise), but also a bit of the James Bond universe, while paying homage to action movie classics such as Lethal Weapon and Give Your Life Dearly!.

Meanwhile, critical voices were also heard regarding the not-yet-shown film. It is about Chip, the four-legged protagonist of Argylle, the super spy. The cat is a pet of Vaugh and his wife, Claudia Schifffer – one of the film’s executive producers – who turned out to be a much better actor than the professional acting cat originally contracted. The problem with Chip’s appearance is that he is a Scottish cat with drooping ears, and following the film, interest in the breed will surely increase, animal rights activists point out. However, Scots with drooping ears are overbred animals, as a result of which they have many hereditary health problems, and because of the advertising created by the film, they will certainly appear in many households, even though it would be beneficial if as few animals as possible, doomed to suffer, were born.

The concern of animal rights activists stems from the fact that, following the success of 101 Puppies, the popularity of Dalmatians increased, although this breed clearly hates children, the And because of the Harry Potter movies, the demand for snowy owls has increased, even though they are birds of prey that die as pets.

(Argyllefrom Thursday in domestic cinemas!)

Source: UIP Dunafilm

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