[SOP 2024] Ken Levine’s New Game, Judas, Has Finally Showed Itself – Here’s The Fresh Trailer! [VIDEO]

Judas still doesn’t have a release date, but at least we got to know the gameplay of Ken Levine’s new development…



Few games have been able to replicate the incredible feeling of exploring the underwater city of Rapture yourself in the first BioShock. So, after creating this and other great classics like the brilliant System Shock 2, we were eager to hear more about Ken Levine’s new game, the long-awaited Judas. At PlayStation’s latest State of Play, we finally got to know this and that…

More than six years after the founding of his new studio, Ghost Story Games, and a good two years since its announcement, we finally got to see this new first-person adventure game live, which doesn’t seem to deviate one bit from Ken Levine’s signature style.

Described as a “narrative adventure game and first-person shooter,” the game opens in the trailer with a mysterious woman saying that “the ship is dying and the only way I can get out of here is with one of them.”

Throughout the video, we see different characters who may have something to do with this escape plan. This will probably make us want to fight them. As well as several robot enemies with strange designs, such as a robot horse with a cowboy hat. Our mysterious protagonist has a futuristic style of firearms and various special abilities (similar to plasmids). Among other things, with a kind of whip that “digitizes” opponents.


What kind of game will Judas be?


From the premise and some hints in the trailer, the game experience may be similar to Arkane’s famous Deathloop. In terms of being free to complete the main challenge of escaping the trapped spaceship alive.

The characters (villains?) are very different from each other and seem to be heavily themed, with minions looking a lot like their leaders.

Ken Levine himself noted years ago that in this sci-fi shooter, we have to survive on a space station inhabited by three factions. These will be allies, neutrals or enemies depending on our decisions and dialogue choices. His primary focus from the beginning has been to create an experience that constantly surprises.

“I envy games like Civilization, which I’ve been playing for a long time,” he previously said. “Many video games are built to create a long relationship with the player. Our titles didn’t have that,” he complained. Hence, the idea of the “Lego narrative” is that each toy reacts to the player’s actions in a constantly changing way.

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