Can The Robert Pattinson Batman 2 Be Cancelled?! James Gunn Reacts To The Rumours!

MOVIE NEWS – Batman 2 rumours are out, but DCU head James Gunn finally chimed in on a “conspiracy theory” about the Robert Pattinson sequel…



Due to a rumour circulating on the Internet about Batman 2, many people believed that the film had been cancelled. But DCU boss James Gunn says the claim appears to be unfounded.

After the massive success of Batman 2022, it didn’t take long for Warner Bros. to announce that Reeves and Robert Pattinson are teaming up again to take the franchise forward together.

However, in recent weeks, rumours and theories have surfaced on social media that the sequel may be cancelled due to Gunn and Peter Safran’s plan to revamp the DC Universe. However, Gunn seems to have dispelled those rumours and definitively answered the burning question.

The Guardians of the Galaxy director answered a fan’s question about the upcoming project on his official Threads account. He noted that Batman 2 is still in the works. One user asked: “Hey James, some people are spreading the conspiracy theory that you cancelled The Batman II, but I have to ask, is it true?”. Gunn responded with an eye-rolling emoji, “No.” The recently announced DCU boss didn’t hold back in clearing up rumours about DC projects. He constantly gives short but promising updates about the future of titles and characters. The filmmaker did not reveal any other details about Batman 2. This could confirm that Reeves is still trying to figure out the story.


Where is the development of Batman 2 now?


Some of the actors who will reprise their roles in the sequel have already confirmed that they haven’t seen the film’s script yet. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Oscar nominee Jeffrey Wright noted that the media may know more about what goes on behind the scenes than he does. While fans are already a little impatient to find out what will happen in the film, it’s no surprise that Reeves is taking the time to sew a story that could change the face of DC movies.

Batman 2 may be the only confirmed title in DC’s “Elseworlds” branding: Gunn has already said the label won’t launch until 2025, meaning Joker 2 isn’t part of the “Elseworlds” branding.

Since Gunn and Safran took over at DC Studios, they’ve focused on keeping what works. Reeves’ Batman film is also part of this successful line-up. Even if it won’t be part of the DCU. The first part was a box office success, loved by critics and viewers alike. This proves that Batman continues to be a thriving and timeless comic book adaptation, whether presented through video games or movies. Each filmmaker chose to tell the story of the caped crusader in their own unique style. Fans always argue about which director perfectly captured all the essence of the iconic comic book hero. Reeves did an excellent job of telling a neo-noir story with action elements. Fans loved the first movie and want to see more of that world. It will be interesting to see what kind of story Reeves will follow and if he will show a more mature version of Pattinson’s Batman this time around.

Source: Threads, ET

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