Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Developers Receive Violent Threats!

Some members of the Insomniac Games team have spoken out in support of what could be considered ridiculous harassment.


Why are members of the studio being targeted now? They are demanding that the developers update Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which was released last fall for PlayStation 5 (the official PC port of which is being heavily funded and will be finished by the end of March; the unofficial version, which was leaked following a ransomware attack, has been halted…).

The leak revealed plans for DLC and a New Game Plus mode, but some players are getting impatient and making threats, although they are not doing much to speed up development. Aaron Jason Espinoza, advanced senior community manager at Insomniac Games, wrote on Twitter that it’s pretty childish for some people to make violent threats. James Stevenson, the studio’s director of community and marketing, openly stated that no one is doing this because the team is well aware that people are waiting for news and information, and the studio is working to get their stuff out to players as quickly as possible despite the circumstances Insomniac has found itself in. (He was referring to the ransomware attack).

But it’s not just the developers who are in the crosshairs in this sense, and it goes without saying that NO ONE should find themselves in this situation. The face of Stephanie Tyler Jones appeared in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, and she reported that some of the disgruntled players were stalking her. Or there’s Laura Bailey, who was a voice actor in The Last Of Us 2 (she voiced Abby), and her performance was criticized by some. Pocketpair didn’t get away with it either: the developers of Palworld received everything from angry comments to unhinged statements, and last year Nintendo had to cancel several live events in Japan due to threats of mass violence.

Unfortunately, people have no patience, although sometimes it would be better to keep your mouth shut, because complaining will get you nowhere.

Source: GameRant, Twitter, Twitter

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