Marvel’s Wolverine: There’s One Thing Logan Won’t Be Lacking!

There is one aspect of Insomniac Games’ next game that is worth looking at.


After a ransomware attack late last year, Marvel’s Wolverine was leaked from Sony’s studio. According to the story, the mutant will be heading to Alaska, Madripoor or Japan. So we’ll get a deeper experience with bigger villains (Mr. Sinister, Sabretooth or even Callisto could appear during the plot).

The clawed protagonist eats women. That’s a bit of an exaggeration, but he rarely stays with anyone for very long, and tragedy usually separates Logan from his heart’s desire. He’s been alive for about 200 years and has been a character for at least five decades, so it’s not surprising that he’s dated Jean Grey, Storm, Mariko, Mystique, Silver Fox, Yukio, Native, Melita Garner, or Cassie Lathrop. Storm’s concept art was leaked last year, so she’ll definitely be in the game, but for the others, it’s up to the studio to decide whether Logan’s partner will be someone with superpowers or just a human with a mostly average job.

Melita can be ruled out because she’s too similar to Mary-Jane Watson. Yukio and Mariko are logical because of the appearance of Japan. Native’s case was tragic (Weapon X survivor; she regains her ability to speak just before Sabretooth kills her), and Silver Fox didn’t get a good treatment in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. The frontrunner could be Mystique (Bonnie and Clyde stories from the Wild West era, the Get Mystique storyline was written by Jason Aaron and could be used as a source for Insomniac Games), with Jean Grey being Logan’s most iconic “target”. It’s questionable whether the studio will explore the theme of a love triangle with Cyclops, but the good chemistry between Logan and Jean can be highlighted in the game.

According to leaks, Marvel’s Wolverine could be released on PlayStation 5 sometime in 2026, but we’ll have to wait and see how Insomniac Games progresses with development (and if they change their concept).

Source: GameRant

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