Naughty Dog Has Identified the Leaker of The Last of Us 2, and Revealed Why He Did It

Neil Druckmann, the helm of Naughty Dog’s creation The Last of Us Part 2, disclosed insights regarding the significant leak that posed a risk to the launch of the game.


In a recent documentary, Neil Druckmann, the visionary behind The Last of Us Part 2, shared that an enthusiastic young follower of the series caused the notorious leak of the game’s footage, aiming to expedite the arrival of the next installment. This leak led some gamers to prejudge The Last of Us Part 2 before having the chance to play it themselves. Despite the early judgments, the game was ultimately met with acclaim and backing upon its official release, even though Druckmann expressed dismay over the premature disclosure of the plot.

The Last of Us Part 2, released in 2020, achieved remarkable recognition in terms of Game of the Year nominations and victories, underscoring both the franchise’s appeal and the sequel’s excellence. Nonetheless, the anticipation of the game’s launch was marred by a substantial leak, details of which Neil Druckmann has now elaborated on.

Reported initially by ComicBook, in a portion of the Grounded 2 documentary focusing on The Last of Us Part 2, Neil Druckmann discussed the 2020 leak that almost compromised the game’s debut. Druckmann expressed his frustration over the leaks, confessing his initial desire for harsh consequences for the leaker. It was later revealed that the source of the leak was a Dutch aficionado in his twenties who infiltrated the company’s servers to disseminate the footage, hoping it would coerce the studio into hastening the game’s release. Choosing to move past his irritation, Druckmann concentrated on completing the development of the game, leading to a sequel that achieved outstanding success and received rave reviews, despite the early backlash following the leak.


Leaks remain a persistent issue within the video game industry


Game development teams dedicate years to crafting distinctive narratives, engaging characters, and unforgettable experiences, naturally wishing for players to encounter these elements firsthand. When information is leaked ahead of schedule, it can spoil major storylines, twists, or character developments, diminishing the enjoyment for players and the commercial performance of the game. The significant leak of Insomniac’s 2023 title adversely affected the morale of the developers, and the leak of Grand Theft Auto 6 compelled the studio to present an official trailer to an audience that had already been exposed to spoilers. As the battle against leaks continues, many enthusiasts still stand by their beloved developers, showing gratitude for the hard work of those impacted by the spread of unofficial content.

While leaks can occasionally amplify anticipation among fans, in this instance, the leaks detracted from the developers’ efforts, with potential spoilers overshadowing their hard work. As demonstrated by The Last of Us Part 2, it’s crucial for fans to await official news and releases before forming opinions about a game.

Source: GameRant

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