An Expansive Mod for Starfield is Set to Revolutionize the Game

A transformative mod for Starfield has been launched, introducing an array of new features that will radically alter the experience of playing Bethesda’s space-themed RPG.


A mod created by a Starfield enthusiast introduces a comprehensive change to the game, incorporating over 40 individual mods. Starfield is known for its vast content, featuring an extensive universe of planets, a variety of characters, and numerous creatures to encounter. The addition of mods enhances the gameplay of Bethesda’s space RPG even further.

Prior to the official launch of the game, a significant quantity of mods were made available for Starfield, with the count now exceeding 30 million. These modifications vary widely, from integrating armours from Mass Effect and Star Wars to importing characters from popular TV series and substituting magazines with Marvel Comics issues. Some mods are designed to enhance gameplay quality, focusing on interface improvements and ship customization. Starfield stands out for its adaptability, and in pursuit of delivering the “ultimate experience,” a player has introduced an extensive mod that fundamentally alters the RPG.

User JaeD’s contribution to Starfield includes more than 40 mods, collectively named Royal Galaxy – A Compatible Starfield Revamp – Series One, available on Nexus Mods. This mod significantly enriches the space RPG by intensifying the challenges within Settled Systems. It restructures the game’s economy, increases mission rewards, and enhances vendor credit offerings. The mod makes Terrormorphs, among the most daunting creatures in Starfield, even more formidable, and boosts the frequency of enemy appearances both on planets and in space. Royal Galaxy features adjustments to weapon balance, modifications to weather conditions, and enhancements to Starborn abilities.

The extensive modifications brought by the Royal Galaxy mod to Starfield are noteworthy, including a thorough rework of the perks system to empower players. The mod applies adjustments to explosives, crafting, and conversations, offering a fresh perspective on exploration in Starfield. It awards double XP for most activities related to exploration and survey, along with increased credits for Constellation missions. Additionally, it raises the likelihood of encountering alien activity at various points of interest and delivers major updates to the planets Earth and Akila.

JaeD’s mod stands out not only for the scope of its changes to Starfield but also for its promise of ongoing updates. The creator plans to consistently refresh Royal Galaxy Series One and intends to introduce a subsequent collection named Series Two. This player-developed mod offers a unique opportunity for those interested in enhancing their Starfield experience with mods.

Source: GameRant

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