Is There Evidence Of A Remake Of The First Uncharted?

There are reportedly hundreds and hundreds of references to Uncharted in The Last of Us 2 files.


XboxEra co-host (and insider) Nick Baker recently claimed to have received “proof” of the existence of an Uncharted remake. Details are scarce, but according to YouTube user Speclizer_, there is tangible evidence that Nathan Drake’s story is being retold in the files of a 2020 build of The Last of Us 2, and he posted some examples of it on Twitter.

“Over the years I’ve been reversing, datamining, and modding The Last of Us 2, I’ve noticed hundreds of references to The Last of Us Remake (internally called ‘T1X’) in The Last of Us 2’s files, but thought nothing of it. Two years later, The Last Of Us Part I was announced and released, but that’s not all that was left. There are also hundreds of references to Uncharted 1,” Speclizer_ wrote. Of course, this doesn’t automatically mean that Naughty Dog will be tackling Nathan Drake at some point, but it can’t be a coincidence that so much is hidden in Ellie’s adventures.

The files list characters like “elena” and “u1-drake” (they’re pretty obvious), but there’s also a level that references the plane crash scene. Speclizer_ also found a reference to the Sony Visual Arts Support Group in a file of development tasks (“vasg-ucpt” – the first half is short for Sony’s group name, UC could stand for Uncharted, and PT we can only guess at).

Jon Clarke, another XboxEra Hodt, also received evidence independently of Baker. It may have been leaked through a ransomware attack by Insomniac Games, so more details may come in the future, but for now we can only believe that Sony may have been considering a remake, and we may be able to name the developers of the project. Since the Uncharted franchise has been dormant for seven years, the remakes could be Sony’s way of gauging demand.

Two years ago, Sony said that the Uncharted trilogy had not yet been ported to PC because it “would require a major visual overhaul”…

Source: TheGamer, Twitter, YouTube

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