Square Enix Screwed Up: A Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Demo Is Coming! [VIDEO]

Square Enix chose the wrong day. What a clumsy move by the Japanese company!


We suspected that it was no coincidence that Square Enix had scheduled a special Final Fantasy VII Rebirth show at the end of last week’s State of Play (it’s happening today, and we’ll probably cover it in detail tomorrow), and that the company would announce some news that wasn’t worth missing. Even then, we suspected that a demo of the game would be coming to the PlayStation Store, and then PlayStation Game Size took to Twitter to announce the size of the game (145 GB!), and that account also confirmed that a demo would be coming, which would also be available as an upgrade to the full game, which we won’t have to wait that long to get.

An advertisement for the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo has been brought to life on the PlayStation 5 dashboard. It can be found under the Explore icon and has already been given a description that reads as follows “Experience the power of choice! The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo is now available, allowing you to play as either Cloud or Sephiroth during the Nibelheim episode. Uncover the first chapter of the game’s story and explore the world map. Your adventure, your choice!” The trailer was released at 4 PM Pacific. That’s about the time State of Play would end, so the trailer was released a day early by mistake! Embarrassing.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on the PlayStation 5 on February 29, so we’re still three weeks away from Square Enix’s game, and the remake of the 1997 PS1 original isn’t finished yet, so we should expect at least one more installment, and it’ll certainly take 3-4 years for that to happen, as the Final Fantasy VII Remake also came out in 2020 for the PlayStation 4. The story will still be changed (there are already changes).

Source: Gematsu

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