Could The Original Silent Hill Trilogy Return?! [VIDEO]

An interview about Konami’s new game, Silent Hill: The Short Message, hints that the original trilogy could be coming to current-gen platforms.



Konami may be planning to bring the original Silent Hill trilogy to modern platforms! This was revealed in a recent interview with the company, which focuses on developing The Short Message. Although the Silent Hill 2 remake will soon be released for PlayStation 5 and PC, Konami may be interested in getting as many players as possible to play the iconic horror game series worldwide.

At PlayStation’s January 31st State of Play event, the long-rumored Silent Hill: The Short Message was finally unveiled.

It’s a free-to-play PlayStation 5 exclusive title in which players explore a run-down apartment block. The latter is rumoured to have been the site of several suicides. During the presentation, we were also able to see the gameplay of the soon-to-be-released SH2 remake developed by Layers of Fear studio, Bloober Team. The combat system-reveal turned out to be very controversial for the community. Many fans believe that the remake is not faithful to the original game. However, Konami may be preparing to port the original trilogy to modern platforms for those who prefer classic controls.

In an interview with Silent Hill: The Short Message, Rika Miyatani, director of level design at HEXADRIVE, revealed that Konami approached the studio about potentially porting the series to current-gen platforms.

Everyone at HEXADRIVE, including Miyatani himself, was a big Silent Hill fan and was heavily involved in the port discussions. According to Miyatani, these discussions ultimately led to the team deciding that a remake would be ideal. Miyatani and the rest of the development team began creating a production-quality mock-up demo. This was presented as a proof of concept for Konami’s Silent Hill 2 remake.

Miyatani reiterates that HEXADRIVE would originally port the original trilogy before moving on to the SH2 proof-of-concept and development of The Short Message. The status of the SH ports is still unclear. Miyatani did not comment on whether another development studio was given the green light to port the games.

At the very least, the interview suggests that Konami is interested in bringing the Silent Hill series to current-gen platforms with new games, remakes, and porting of classic titles.

After the remake of the second part, fans can look forward to Silent Hill F. The latter is a brand new title scripted by Higurashi creator Ryukishi07.

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