Bard Out, Gemini In: Google Replace Assistant On Android!

TECH NEWS – The rebranding of Google’s Bard is officially done, so now the technology really has to be called Gemini, and it’s aiming to compete with OpenAI’s ChatGPT, for example…


With the new name comes a new app (you can find it in the Google Play Store now). With that, Google has brought its form. It has renamed and killed a service, as it has essentially killed the Google Assistant. Instead of Bard, Gemini has brought another interesting feature: you can voluntarily choose to remove the old Assistant and the new technology will take its place, so if you say Hey, Google, the old command will be answered by Gemini.

The switch isn’t as seamless, but it wouldn’t be Google if it was: the new Assistant replacement doesn’t offer all the features of the old app. You can still set timers, make calls, and manage smart devices in your home, but the full functionality remains to be seen. Google has already stated that this will happen in the near future, so soon everyone will have to say goodbye to Google Assistant out of necessity. The problem is that an old, iconic service is saying goodbye, and Google hasn’t given Bard much of a chance.

Google has already talked about how Gemini will be able to interpret everything that happens on the screen of your Android phone, and from that we will get all the contextual, relevant information that is important to us. Gemini on Android devices started rolling out in the US yesterday, so it is only available in English. It will be rolled out to other regions and languages (e.g. Japanese, Korean) later, starting as early as next week.

Google wants to make artificial intelligence available around the world at a much faster pace this time, but it would be pointless to speculate when we’ll be able to try out Gemini instead of Assistant here…

Source: WCCFTech, Google Play Store

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