Helldivers 2: The PlayStation 5 Version Is Putting Up Amazing Numbers!

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt confirmed that Helldivers 2 has sold more than 1 million copies so far…



The game that is selling incredibly well in recent days is Helldivers 2, a shooter game developed by Arrowhead Studios and published by Sony. It was released on both PC and PS5, and it was reported just yesterday that the title has outdone itself. It looks like it’s giving PlayStation a lot to be happy about. However, the studio’s CEO recently spoke out and responded to some players on social media to report on the game’s success.

Arrowhead Game Studios CEO Johan Pilestedt confirmed on his X/Twitter account that Helldivers 2 has sold more than 1 million copies between PlayStation 5 and PC: “We’re hovering around 1 million right now.” He also noted that the peak between the two platforms was 220,000 concurrent users. On the other hand, he mentioned again that “some server issues have been detected that we need to resolve soon.” So, more updates are on the horizon that will implement matchmaking fixes.

The Helldivers 2 boss confirms what many already knew, the PlayStation game’s sales success is exceeding expectations, and it’s the top 10 seller on Steam worldwide by revenue.

And as for what we’ll see in the future, Pilestedt has hinted on social media that we could see new enemies soon. “We have so many cool things planned, like new enemies,” he said. It’s important to note that all post-release content in Helldivers 2 will be free. The latter fact is very much appreciated by the players. What’s more, after a somewhat bumpy appearance due to childhood illnesses, their reviews are getting better and better.


How long did Helldivers 2 take to develop?


According to the head of the studio, it took “7 years, 11 months and 26 days”. This perfectly exemplifies that game development is a very complex process these days. At the time of writing, the game is one of the best-selling games on Steam, with 155,926 players according to SteamDB.

Source: X, SteamDB

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