Final Fantasy VII Rebirth: Even Better Performance Than FFXVI!

Square Enix’s next Final Fantasy has even better performance in one of its graphics modes than Final Fantasy XVI, which was released last summer (and has since become a PlayStation 5 exclusive).


We’ve already written in the news about the minor technical shortcomings of the Final Fantasy VII Rebirth demo (the visuals look blurry in places), but if we ignore that, in terms of performance alone, Cloud’s sequel to the story is far superior to what Clive delivered in June 2023. The balance between pixel count and performance clearly tips in favor of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth.

In Digital Foundry’s weekly podcast, John Linneman talked about the technical elements of the game’s demo. He confirmed that Final Fantasy VII Rebirth runs at 1440p in performance graphics mode, which is higher than the resolution of Final Fantasy XVI. Performance wasn’t measured exactly, but the Digital Foundry editor says the demo seems much more stable than last year’s new Final Fantasy. The quality graphics mode may be choppy compared to performance mode, but it doesn’t have many other problems based on early analysis. The choppiness is caused by a number of things, including motion blur per object, strong lighting, and simply switching graphics modes.

We won’t repeat what we wrote last time (low-resolution post-processing), but we will come to the new problems not yet mentioned. The quality of the textures is not the same: the resolution of the textures used by the developers to create the natural environment is low, and the distance of the cascading shadows is relatively small. The demo is based on an earlier version of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, so don’t forget that. Therefore, by the time we get our hands on the retail version, it may already have these unusual bugs fixed.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth will be released on February 29 for PlayStation 5. The demo will be updated next week, so it’s not worth downloading it right after playing through it!

Source: WCCFTech


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