A Microsoft Executive Is Impressed By The Apple Vision Pro!

TECH NEWS – Despite a 16-hour flight from Seattle to Dubai, he found the flight a lot of fun thanks to Apple’s AR headset.


Omar Shahine, head of Microsoft Word, proved that you can wear the Apple Vision Pro for long periods of time even on a long, tiring flight, even though its battery runs out in 2-3 hours. Shahine traveled from North America to the Middle East on an Emirates Boeing 777, turning the cabin into a giant display with his Apple device. He loved the experience, easily connected to the Wi-Fi, and was amazed by the technology (he was traveling in business class, so he had a lot more space and could use the plane’s standard 23-inch display!)

While the quality of in-flight entertainment has improved over the years, the unlimited, three-dimensional display for media consumption or web browsing is still unbeatable. This could be the future, but we have a long way to go, because Emirates will not be equipping all of its aircraft with a stack of Apple Vision Pros, which Shahine criticized.

He says the headset gets uncomfortable in the long run (he’s right, the Apple Vision Pro is pretty heavy hardware) and hopes he can get used to it in the long run, as it puts a bit of strain on his eyes. So he doesn’t have a 10/10 opinion on the Cupertino tech giant’s new hardware, which costs at least $3500, but his criticisms are mostly in line with what others have said. This will be useful for Apple as it will really see where it needs to improve in the next (rumored cheaper) version.

Interestingly, according to Shahine, the Apple Vision Pro is cheaper than the 77-inch OLED TV, receiver, speakers, and Apple TV, but still much better, more powerful, and more entertaining. He’s right, and you can add that Apple’s device is more portable!

Source: WCCFTech, Luxury Launches

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