New Xbox Console Update Is Coming, With Major Changes!

TECH NEWS – A new Xbox console update is coming to Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles, introducing exciting new features and quality of life improvements.



Microsoft has started distributing the February Xbox console update. The latter includes, among other things, touch control support for Xbox Remote Play and a new calibration tool for controllers. The latest Xbox update applies to both Xbox One and Xbox Series consoles.

Xbox releases monthly updates for its consoles, which usually improve performance and stability while also fixing various bugs.

However, these updates can sometimes include entirely new features. Like the Xbox November update that introduced Free Play Days wishlist notifications. Also, support for redeeming rewards by phone and Japanese language keyboard assignment. Since the November update, Xbox monthly patches have primarily focused on the usual performance and stability fixes. But the latest patch is much more exciting than that.

One of the most significant features of the Xbox February update is that Xbox Remote Play now supports touch controls for over a hundred games like Minecraft Dungeons, Psychonauts 2, Sea of Thieves, and more. This allows Remote Play users who stream games from their console to their mobile device to play those titles using their phone’s touchscreen. This feature is supported on iOS, Android and Windows devices. The February update for Xbox also includes a new calibration tool for controllers. A new tool available through the Xbox Accessories app allows users to fix thumbsticks with inconsistent responses.

Additionally, the update introduces a useful feature previously seen in the Xbox Insider Program, which is new filtering and sorting options in the My Games and Apps section.

Users can now sort games by technical capabilities (including touch support), accessibility, and supported languages. In addition, subscriptions can now be sorted by “recently added”.

The February Xbox console update also introduced additional support for players using the console on a public network. For example, when hospitals provide children with Xboxes. For these purposes, users can now restrict automatic logout. As well as Edge access and home console setup. In addition to these exciting features, Xbox fans can expect more updates in the future.

The Xbox Insider Program recently rolled out an impressive update that massively increased download speeds for users while playing games.

One user reported that his background download speed increased from 40-80 Mbps to 380 Mbps. However, this feature is currently only available for the Alpha Skip-Ahead level of the Insider Program. The latter usually gets the features well before the general public.

In other exciting news, Xbox recently confirmed that it would address the rampant rumours that some of its exclusive titles will be cross-platform. This will take place during today’s special edition of the Official Xbox Podcast, February 15th.

Source: Xbox News

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