Apple Vision Pro vs. Meta Quest 3: Zuckerberg’s Choice Is Not Surprising!

TECH NEWS – Who would have thought that the Meta Leader’s preference wouldn’t come as a surprise!


Recently, we wrote about how the head of Microsoft Word loved the Apple Vision Pro headset during his 16-hour flight. But now another opinion has surfaced from a larger company executive. Mark Zuckerberg claims that the Meta Quest 3 is a better product than Apple’s AR headset. He criticizes the price of the Cupertino-based tech giant’s device, saying that the Meta Quest 3 can perform many actions for 1/7th of the price.

In an Instagram reel, Zuck experimented with Apple’s Vision Pro and in the process said that while the Meta Quest 3 doesn’t represent a better value, he still thinks it’s a better product. What was interesting was that THREE days after last year’s WWDC (where the Apple Vision Pro was announced), Meta was already talking about the Quest 3. Zuckerberg then went on to criticize Apple’s fanboys (he used the term himself!), saying that these fans get angry whenever anyone questions the possibility of Apple becoming the leader in a new product category.

The two headsets are aimed at different markets and consumers. The Meta Quest 3 retails for $500, while the Apple Vision Pro is available for a minimum of $3,500 (256 GB of storage; rumors suggest there will be a cheaper model next year). Zuck had some positive things to say about the rival: he said the high-resolution display was very nice and praised the eye-tracking sensors, but they were detrimental to ergonomics and comfort. Zuckerberg confirmed that Meta will be using eye-tracking sensors in future Quest devices. Finally, the Meta boss also criticized the fact that there are few Apple Vision Pro apps that take advantage of the hardware. The Meta Quest has a larger library, but VisionOS apps have yet to take off.

Of course, he stands by his own product.

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