Is ChatGPT’s OpenAI Also Working On A Search Engine?

TECH NEWS – If the rumors are true, Google may have to prepare because ChatGPT’s OpenAI should not be ignored.


OpenAI has already shaken things up with ChatGPT (it’s no coincidence that Microsoft is behind it as an investor), which is why we’ve come to the point where Google has released a competing solution (Gemini, formerly Bard), but all the major companies are working on similar technology. Even Nvidia has one (we reported on Chat With RTX earlier this week). But now OpenAI wants to enter another market: search engines!

The Information, citing sources familiar with the company’s plans, reports that OpenAI is currently working on a “web search product”. This could initially be powered by Microsoft’s Bing, but once the technology gains enough momentum, the search engine could stand on its own two feet. We are also not sure if it will work independently of ChatGPT. What should be added is that with a subscription to ChatGPT Plus, the Bing search feature is available, and this could be taken to the next level by the company to create a prominent feature.

If this is indeed what OpenAI is working on, it will be hard to knock Google out of the saddle, as it took a search engine more than two decades to create a giant company in the form of Alphabet. How many competing search engines have tried to take on Google? How many have survived? But a stronger rival is definitely a good thing, because Google’s ad-filled search results are born of dominance, and the company needs to make sure it stays as cutting-edge as possible, or it will be left behind by technology that’s hard to link to Google!

OpenAI may yet realize that this would be too much even for them, so it is not so certain that the search engine will eventually reach users. And if it does, it could create innovation competition, which would be good for us.

Source: WCCFTech, The Information

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