Navalny – Navalny’s Life Was a True Thriller, His Death a Russian Tragedy

FILM REVIEW – The documentary “Navalny,” directed by Daniel Roher, chronicles the life and struggles of Alexei Navalny, a prominent figure in the Russian opposition, highlighting the challenges and dangers he faced. A pivotal moment in the film occurs when Roher asks Navalny what he would say to the Russian people if he were killed, a poignant foreshadowing of later events, considering Navalny’s life was indeed in grave danger when he returned to Russia. Navalny’s response to the question – expressing his concern that the film could be about his death – personalizes the story even more, especially in light of the tragic outcome.



After surviving an assassination attempt by poisoning, Navalny and his team endeavored to uncover who was behind the attempt, turning this segment of the documentary into an exciting investigation reminiscent of spy films. This part is not only filled with tension but also provides insight into the determination and courage of Navalny and his team as they confront their adversaries.

These segments of the film create a narrative that goes far beyond a simple political documentary, telling the story of a human struggle that touches anyone who sees it. Thus, the documentary is not just a chronicle of Navalny’s fights but a universal story about the price to be paid for truth and freedom in a system where opposition voices are not tolerated.

These scenes become even more significant when considering Navalny’s tragic fate, who paid with his life in his quest for truth. With its deep human dimension, the film is not just a political documentary but also a monument dedicated to preserving the courage and determination of Navalny.



On the Trail of the Assassins


Navalny expressed a preference to see his life depicted in an exciting thriller rather than in a mournful film, as Roher attempted to create. The documentary then takes us on a journey filled with twists and almost unbelievable adventures as Navalny and his team try to uncover who was behind the assassination attempt. The film presents events that border on the absurd, whose veracity is often questioned, culminating in a film that captivates the viewer with its engaging rhythm and continuous tension.

Primarily aimed at those unfamiliar with Navalny’s story, the documentary provides a general introduction rather than an in-depth analysis. It shows the threat Navalny posed to Putin, to the extent that the Russian president refused even to utter his name. The documentary lifts the veil on information made public by Navalny and the Anti-Corruption Foundation, as well as Bellingcat and CNN.

However, the film also showcases Navalny’s commitment to exposing corruption in Russia, along with his past associations with the right wing and nationalists. Despite the attacks against him, it presents Navalny’s online activism and personal charm, including how he creates TikTok videos or entertains himself with video games.

Thus, the film functions not only as a political documentary but also brings Navalny closer to us, showing him as a complex, multifaceted personality whose life and struggles extend far beyond his political activism.



When Doctors Serve the Murderous Power…


The story continues: Navalny documents the period after the poisoning and its consequences, highlighting the efforts of his wife, Yulia, who worked to have him hospitalized in Germany, where he could receive safe and comprehensive care. During this time, they did not have to worry about doctors withholding information, manipulating facts, or causing further harm to Navalny. The film truly picks up momentum when Navalny, in an improving condition, collaborates with the Bellingcat investigative team to uncover the background of the attack that put his life in danger.

The climax of the investigation comes when Navalny and his team know he was poisoned, and the clues lead to four members of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB). At this point, Navalny himself begins to make phone inquiries with the suspects. During the first two calls, he uses his own name, but both times the call is quickly disconnected. The third person also does not respond when Navalny adopts a different persona to try to obtain information. Finally, the fourth person, quarantined at home with COVID-19, perhaps because of the illness or confusion, begins to divulge details about why Navalny survived. While we can read and watch videos about the events, witnessing the reactions of those on-site gives the entire scene another dimension.



He Was Also a Human


This part perfectly showcases Navalny’s human side, which, amidst difficult and tense moments, is capable of lightness and experiencing the simple joys of everyday life. Whether finding the beat for a TikTok video, unwinding with a game of Call of Duty, or watching his favorite show, Rick and Morty, these scenes remind us that, despite leading a life filled with extraordinary struggles, there was still room for simple human joys. This diversity makes him truly relatable and humanizes him, showing that alongside his political fights, he was also just a person who feels and experiences things like anyone else.

-Gergely Herpai (BadSector)-




Direction - 9.2
As a Documentary - 9.4



The documentary "Navalny" delves into the life and battles of Alexei Navalny, a leading figure in the Russian opposition, highlighting the challenges and dangers he faced. The film portrays Navalny's struggles with a deep human dimension, showing the sacrifices made for truth and freedom in a system where opposition voices are suppressed. It also offers a glimpse into Navalny's personal life, showing him as a complex, multifaceted individual who, aside from his political scene activism, partakes in human joys."

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