The main character of The Holdovers is being tasted

Paul Giamatti, already recognized with a Golden Globe for the film Winter Break and mentioned as an Oscar hopeful, refuses to reveal how he achieved that his character, the universally hated teacher Mr. Hunham with a mare, while he himself is not. Inquisitive people often ask whether the actor had to shake his head during the recording, or whether the desired effect was achieved afterwards with the help of a computer.


“It’s a state secret, but seriously,” Giamatti told People magazine. “I can’t say anything about that, I had to take the oath.” By the way, Alexander (Alexander Payne, director of the film – ed.) insisted that my character’s squint be a seven-sealed secret, so we can only say that it’s movie magic, and everyone can imagine what they will. .”

“Because of his fishy smell, Mr. Hunham is considered even more of an outsider, his students and other teachers grimacing and whispering behind his back, which he is of course aware of,” explains the actor.

During the Winter Break, he continues his triumphant journey. Everyone is eagerly waiting to see how many of its 5 Oscar nominations it can turn into statues, but it has already won 109 awards at various awards and forums, so it is no exaggeration to say that it is the most decorated film of the cinema season.

(The Holdovers – domestic release: February 29, 2024)

Source: UIP


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