Helldivers 2 Is Going Strong – But Why Can’t We Play It On Xbox?!

Helldivers 2 continues its surprising success: it is starting to overtake the titans of Call of Duty and Fortnite on PSN in the USA. Meanwhile, a Microsoft executive doesn’t understand why it doesn’t appear on Xbox…



The massive success of Helldivers 2 continues! The game has officially overtaken both Fortnite and Call of Duty on PSN in the US. Compared to the original game, the sequel proved to be a resounding success. The number of players is increasing day by day.

The original title wasn’t nearly as popular, but like Palworld last month, Helldivers 2 is seizing its moment in the spotlight, and every day, it seems like more gamers are jumping on the bandwagon to see what all the fuss is about .

Just yesterday, Helldivers 2 passed Destiny 2 for the most concurrent players on Steam of all time. This is an impressive feat considering the size of Arrowhead Game Studios compared to a developer like Bungie. These numbers will only increase in the coming days as the hype train continues to roll like crazy.

Today, it was confirmed that Helldivers 2 has overtaken the two titans of Fortnite and Call of Duty to become the current PSN leader in the US.

As more and more reviews come in, it becomes clear what a strong title Arrowhead Game Studios currently has. But only time will tell if he can sustain that kind of momentum for much longer.

These records are obviously impressive. However, one thing is holding the game back from being even more successful. Currently, many players have difficulty playing with it. Due to limited server capacity, it became necessary to introduce a cap of 450,000 players on both PC and PS5. This is understandable, considering that even the developer did not expect the game to become such a success. However, this means that until this is resolved, Helldivers 2 has a hard cap on its maximum player count.

However, there is some good news: Helldivers 2’s studio has already hired staff to lighten the workload following the game’s success, and hopefully, it won’t be long before the server issues go away.



Helldivers 2



Why didn’t Helldivers 2 come out on Xbox?! This also excites Phil Spencer


After the release of the popular Helldivers 2, Microsoft Gaming’s Phil Spencer said about the PlayStation and PC exclusivity that he “doesn’t quite understand” who it helps. This comment comes after recent news that a handful of Xbox-exclusive games will be making the jump to competing platforms.

During a recent presentation, Spencer and other Xbox executives confirmed that four Xbox-exclusive games will be coming to multiple platforms in the future.

They did not specify which games these will be, but according to insiders, Hi-Fi Rush, Pentiment, Sea of Thieves and Grounded make up the list. Rumours of Xbox exclusives moving to multi-platform had been circulating for months before the announcement. In fact, some have claimed that flagship games like Halo, Starfield and others will be included in the new strategy. Although it has been confirmed that this is not the case, the current announcement indicates a reformed Xbox approach, which Spencer emphasized in a recent interview.

In an interview with Game File, Spencer said the following about the exclusivity of Helldivers 2: “I’m not exactly sure who it helps in the industry by not being on Xbox.”

Spencer seems to imply that Sony could grow the Helldivers brand much more effectively by releasing the game to Xbox’s large player base. However, Spencer also sympathizes with Sony’s decision. He continued: “But I get it. There’s a legacy in console gaming that we’re going to benefit by shipping games and not putting them on other places. We do the same thing.” While exclusivity is still alive and well within gaming, Spencer noted at the recent Xbox launch that the concept will likely begin to die out in the next decade as multi-platform, live-action games become more common.

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