Little-Known Alien Character Returns With A Huge Twist!

The most dangerous AI in the Alien franchise, MU/TH/UR, is about to return, bringing with him a surprising twist: her “son”. Warning! SPOILERS for Alien: Black, White & Blood #1!



The most dangerous artificial intelligence in the Alien universe, MU/TH/UR, is officially back… with her own “son”. Although the Xenomorphs are often considered the main villains of the franchise, the creators of the movies, games and comics have shown that artificial intelligence and robots created by humans are just as evil. In fact, fans have speculated over the years that if the two were to merge into a synthetic Xenomorph hybrid, they could pose a severe threat.

Now, one of the franchise’s most dangerous AIs is set to make a grand comeback in the series with a potentially twisted plan in mind.

In the teaser for Alien: Black, White & Blood #1, Ryan Cady and Devmalya Pramanik’s third story titled “Maternal Instinct” is about the MU/TH/UR AI program first introduced in the original Alien movie. After a massacre aboard a ship carrying deadly Xenomorphs, MU/TH/UR finds that there is only one survivor left: a boy named Joshua M. Baker. MU/TH/UR will finally weigh the options on what to do. Although she initially considers proceeding with the ship’s self-destruction, she ends the teaser by talking to Joshua and seemingly serving as a surrogate mother to protect the boy.

This is a shocking turn of events for MU/TH/UR, considering that the AI program was designed to view all crew members as expendable for the mission to bring back the Xenomorph samples.

However, this does not necessarily mean that the program has suddenly become kindhearted.






Alien MU/TH/UR’s AI code may have an elaborate plan


Longtime fans know that MU/TH/UR’s primary purpose in the first Alien movie is to ensure the Xenomorph’s safe departure. Regardless of what happens to the crew… Therefore, it would be a little strange to assume that he would suddenly decide to care for Joshua as his own child because he lost his mother in a Xenomorph attack. Ergo, the twisted artificial intelligence may have a plan.

Rather than destroy the ship and consider the mission a failure, the MU/TH/UR lure Joshua into a trap by promising him a safe escape.

This can lead to a Facehugger attacking him and then transporting him to an escape pod. Thus, the mission of MU/TH/UR will be successful. MU/TH/UR even laments the possible failure of its primary goal at the beginning of the story. So, it would make sense for him to find another path to success through Joshua.

Fans can witness the return of MU/TH/UR as well as two other stories spanning the universe of the sci-fi horror series when Alien: Black, White & Blood hits comic stands on February 21, 2024.

Source: Marvel

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