Stellar Blade Will Have Three Graphical Modes!

So hopefully everyone will be able to find the graphics setting that suits them…


Kim Hyung-Tae, director of Stellar Blade, and Lee Dong-Gi, technical director, talked to Play3, a German publication. This was reported by Genki on Twitter. South Korean developer Shift Up has confirmed that Stellar Blade will have three different graphics modes, but that the performance mode is the one the developers recommend the most.

Performance mode is designed to run the game at 60fps, and since that’s what action games are used to, it’s understandable that they’re thinking about it (in exchange for a lower native resolution). There will be a resolution mode that will boost the resolution to 4K. It’s not known yet if the native resolution will be 4K or if we’ll get lower resolution, upscaled visuals and the frame rate will suffer. If the developers follow the trends, we should get smooth 30 FPS at 4K resolution without any stuttering.

There will also be a transitional graphics mode in between. In the case of the Balance option, Shift Up is trying to find a balance between resolution and frame rate that would suit everyone. Unfortunately, we don’t know if 40 FPS gameplay will be supported by Stellar Blade, as we’ve seen with some other PlayStation 5 titles.

We’ve already heard (and written) about Stellar Blade that it was inspired by Yoko Taro’s popular game NieR: Automata, that it will combine linear environments with open-world zones, and that our protagonist Eve will be able to wear nearly two dozen costumes (but the cast will also have this customization option), as the developers put a lot of emphasis on this. The PlayStation 5 game could be one of the pleasant surprises of the spring, and judging by the gameplay shown at State of Play, Shift Up’s game could do well in terms of sales.

Stellar Blade will be released on April 26 as a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Source: WCCFTech, Play3, Twitter

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