Helldivers 2: Did We Find Out What New Gadgets Are Coming Soon?!

Helldivers 2 is getting another layer in the near future, thanks to an additional gameplay element that first appeared in the original game.



Helldivers 2 has a lot of interesting mechanics and techniques that set it apart from other third-person shooters. But now comes an additional gadget that can take things to the next level. As the sequel to an acclaimed top-down shooter about the violent spread of “directed democracy” across the galaxy, Helldivers 2 builds on an acclaimed legacy. Even though it pushes the perspective of the gameplay up. Not every concept from the original game made it into the sequel. But the introduction of a particularly exciting component is only a matter of time.

Unlike the original game, Helldivers 2 uses a live service model, with updates planned to bring new content to the game at regular intervals.

Developer Arrowhead Game Studios has yet to reveal an official schedule for the order, timeframe, and content of the updates. But you can speculate about many things. For example, an empty spot on the galactic war map that could potentially host a new faction or two. We can also find out a little more specific information. Because Arrowhead has officially revealed some of the novelties coming in the future.



Helldivers 2



Could Exosuits be coming to Helldivers 2 shortly?!


Exosuits were an exciting part of the original Helldivers. It looks like the sequel will also include the ability to wear mechs at some point in the future. The pre-release trailer hinted at this update when it showed a character climbing into a unit labelled “EXO-44 WALKER EXOSUIT MK3” and revving up a machine gun with a rotating barrel.

While no date has yet been announced for when players will be able to jump into Helldivers 2’s co-op game with the exosuit, the bottom of the trailer says, “Coming soon after launch,” so you won’t have to wait too long.

Exosuits provided an interesting outfit option in the first Helldivers game. Trading mobility and reloading in favour of a major armour upgrade and a huge magazine. A total of three mechas could be unlocked – EXO-44, 48 and 51. The latter two focus on improving firepower. All of them were situationally fun to use in Helldivers, but the sequel is expected to significantly enhance the experience of rattling around in an exosuit. Thanks to a greater emphasis on immersive sound, lighting and environmental design.

Helldivers 2 faced a few issues right after its release, the biggest of which was connection difficulties caused by overloaded servers and a problematic PC port.

It’s likely that most of Arrowhead’s attention is currently focused on fixing the active issues with Helldivers 2. Instead of dealing with future content. So the exosuits may not arrive immediately. However, mechs are definitely expected, so it’s good to have a concrete idea of a piece of the game’s future.

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