The Borderlands Movie Trailer Is Out, And The Fans Are Already Upset… [VIDEO]

MOVIE NEWS – In the Borderlands movie trailer, some fans are complaining about changes affecting one of the characters, which could be explosive regarding the film’s chances in theatres…



The Borderlands movie trailer is finally out! Fans got a sneak peek at the upcoming live-action adaptation of the popular video game franchise. However, viewers have already noted one change they don’t like.

The Borderlands franchise features some of the most whimsical and interesting characters we’ve ever seen in any creative medium.

One prominent example of this is Tiny Tina, a young girl orphaned by human trafficking and inhumane weapons testing. He has a loud and quirky personality that explodes out of him like explosives. Along with these fantastic characters, the Borderlands franchise boasts excellent Metacritic scores. So, it’s no surprise that a live-action adaptation was also in the works.

The film is close to release. The cast, including the actor who plays Tiny Tina, has also been known for quite some time. But fans have just been treated to the first full trailer. While there are certainly positives, there is already one major problem with the film. Reddit user MarvelsGrantMan136 embedded the trailer in a post on the site’s r/movies subreddit. This elicited several reactions from longtime fans and potential viewers. The consensus from both camps seems to be that the trailer looked great. But they wouldn’t have high hopes for him. However, there is one more complaint on the minds of those who have played the game: Tiny Tina doesn’t seem like much fun.

Although the character fits the archetype and acts like it in the trailer, most fans are not happy with the aura that the character exudes.

This is one of the many problems that director Eli Roth should have avoided with Borderlands. But the first impression fell short of the fans’ expectations. Some had difficulty explaining the problem. One fan summed it up like this: “I think it was a combination of dialogue and body language. She had batshit insane facial expressions (the eyes specifically) that really sold the unhinged over-the-top dialogue and characterization for me. Eyes like that just don’t exist in real life.”

Tina is a fan-favourite character in the game, so much so that she even has her own game in the franchise, Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, a unique and solid entry, and a sequel is rumoured to be in the works alongside the next mainline Borderlands game!

He’s also a character who primarily garnered this attention as an NPC. His personality came to the fore and wasn’t hindered by gameplay concerns. As such, it was inevitable that fans would pay extra attention to his portrayal. He is judged more harshly than the other characters in the film. Regardless, expectations must be managed. After all, even the complainers quickly admitted that it would be almost impossible to do justice to his cartoonish personality and actions in live-action form.

The filmmakers have come to terms with this a long time ago, and it will be interesting to see how they will compensate the fans.

The actual release date of the film is still a while away. Until then, no one knows what they’re getting. But it’s pretty clear that a Borderlands movie needs to copy another franchise to avoid flopping. The film’s trailer seems to be visually taking steps in the right direction. As for how well the story goes with this, it will be proven at the box office.

Source: Reddit, YouTube

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