More And More Unreal Engine Games Are Crashing; Who Is Responsible?

Unreal Engine 5 and Unreal Engine 4 are some of the most widely used technologies behind games, but titles using them on PC have been a bit unstable lately.


Epic Games is behind Unreal Engine, and the company already has a scapegoat for the fact that games are a little unstable these days. Today’s high-end CPUs have many cores and threads, with high clock speeds and generally high power consumption. Intel Core i9 CPUs in particular are like this (an i9-14900KS alone can draw more than 300W!), and by playing around with the motherboard’s BIOS, you can squeeze even more power out of the processor.

A division of Epic Games, RAD (the company behind the Bink video codec and Oodle data compression technology) believes that Intel’s Core i9-13900K and 14900K processors (and to a lesser extent the i7-13700 and i7-14700 product families) are causing the problems, and that the hardware flaw is making UE4/UE5 games prone to sudden crashes. The software team adds that neither their products nor the Unreal Engine code has anything to do with this, but that it can happen when using CineBench, Handbrake and Visual Studio.

If you have a gaming PC with a 13th or 14th generation Core i9 (or K model i7) processor and something crashes with a low VRAM error message, it’s not the graphics card, it’s the processor. So you need to change the settings in the motherboard BIOS or use Intel’s XTU (Extreme Tuning Utility). It is worth lowering the performance core multiplier (P) by one or two (from x55 to x54 or x53) as this usually eliminates errors, but if you do this from XTU you will always need to adjust it; not if you change it in the BIOS.

Shader compilation and video decompression can put a sudden load on the CPU cores, and if the load is maintained over a long period of time, it can push the power limits, and this can have a bad effect on stability. So Intel may have overdone it…

Source: PCGamer


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