Baldur’s Gate 3: Cross-Platform Mod Support Is Coming, But We’ll Have To Wait!

Larian Studios plans to add this to their award-winning game in the next major patch.


Larian has admitted on Twitter and Discord that it’s frustrating that updates to Baldur’s Gate 3 prevent certain mods from working (Script Extender, for example, has run into such bugs). The studio would like to see official mod support, but in the meantime, these bugs will continue to surface. It will certainly be a few months before the Belgian team can put together cross-platform (i.e. PlayStation 5 and Xbox series) mod support.

“We generally don’t talk about things until they’re ready, but as you may have read, we’re making an exception. We’ve been working on a robust, cross-platform plan for mod support that will be released later this year. We love our modding community and we want to support it. It’s coming. We have a system in place, but it needs testing and work. We’re excited about it. I understand that it sucks [sic] when the game is updated and mods break. Our community teams will start talking to and looping in the modding community,” said Larian Director of Publishing Michael Douse.

And on Discord, Larian’s Senior Community Strategist WombatMedic spoke about the studio’s plans for mods: “We want to continue to make sure you have the best experience possible, which is why we patch the game frequently, even though this inevitably means that each new patch or hotfix has the potential to be incompatible with your favorite mods. We know this sucks, we know you want to play with mods, and we want to make it right. We are working on official mod support, and have been for a while. We want the best for you, and that includes creating a pipeline that allows mod authors to publish their mods across platforms.

We are working with the platform owners to make this a reality, and are forming a team to support mod curation. We’re aiming to provide modding support for things like classes, UI, customization, spells, and specific assets and game mechanics. As this is no small task, we hope to introduce the first stages of modding support in our next major patch, which is still a few months away. As frustrated as you may be right now, we want to work with you on this – and have plans to reach out to popular mod authors to talk further and work together to avoid problems in the future,” WombatMedic wrote.

So let’s be patient.

Source: VGC

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