Nvidia Is Happy To Get Involved In The Production Of Custom Chips!

TECH NEWS – So Jensen Huang could make chips tailored to customers’ tastes.


According to Nvidia CEO Huang, the custom chip market is the next industry for the company, where it stands to benefit enormously from the high interest and potential. The AI industry is focused on the future of computing power, which is why Intel, in addition to Nvidia, is also looking to produce custom chips for larger companies such as Microsoft and Google. Jensen Huang also touched on this in an interview, and believes that these customers could benefit from a huge performance boost.

“We’re always open to that. Usually the customization, after some discussion, could fall into system reconfigurations or recompositions of systems. But if that’s not possible, we’re happy to do a custom chip. And the benefit to the customer, as you can imagine, is really great. It allows them to extend our architecture with their know-how and their proprietary information,” Huang said.

In the field of AI, industry giants such as Microsoft and Meta are currently considered the frontrunners and are already competing to stay ahead of the competition by developing custom AI chips. Nvidia stands to benefit because it can provide the services companies need, allowing the Huangs to make a lot of money and customers to get what they need at lower development costs.

Nvidia has also reportedly set up a new business unit to handle R&D for custom chips, and it’s only a matter of time before this is officially announced, as this team will have a huge role to play in AI computing. Intel has also recently stated that they are open to custom chip orders to meet all requests from potential customers (from semiconductor sourcing to packaging technologies).

And such custom chips could be used by Sony and Microsoft in the next generation of consoles, where artificial intelligence will surely play a big role.

Source: WCCFTech, Twitter

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