The Filming of Bikeriders Was Extremely Dangerous

CINEMA NEWS – You can’t understand Austin Butler, how the production managed to get insurance for the actors of the movie Bikers, when quite a few dangerous scenes were shot without stuntmen, so they raced themselves in the saddles of buffalo-powered two-wheelers.


“When about forty of us started cracking down on a narrow road, it occurred to me that if someone falls, the whole company will stand up and everyone can go to the hospital, in the best case,” said the Elvis’s Oscar-nominated star interviewed him for Interview magazine, also Oscar-nominated Josh Brolin (Milk). And then there were the scenes when we raced through the cornfield as fast as we could we just knew, and no one had a crash helmet.”

“This doesn’t seem like the most reasonable solution,” Brolin, also an old motorcyclist, who often posts pictures posing next to one of Instan’s new vehicles, shook his head after hearing this.
“There’s also the fact that if you’re racing behind the camera car, the gravel in front of you hits and your eyes get filled with them,” continued Butler, which Brolin already received more favorably, saying that it’s a real motorcycle experience.

The Bikeriders elaborates the story of a 1960s American Midwestern motorcycle gang based on actual events, showing how a community organized for meaningful leisure time degrades into a dreaded criminal gang. In addition to Austin, Oscar nominee Tom Hardy (The Returner) and Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) rides a motorcycle in the film directed by Cannes Palme d’Or winner Jeff Nichols (Mud).

(Bikeriders – domestic release: June 20, 2024.)

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