Alan Wake 2: How Can The Night Springs DLC Be A Return To The First Game?

Remedy Entertainment’s game could reach into the past with the Alan Wake 2 DLC.


For fans of the franchise, Alan Wake 2 was a particular success, as the Finnish studio delivered a very good survival horror experience and finally made a sequel 13 years after the first game. We got a much darker tone compared to Alan Wake, but the Night Springs DLC could bring the sequel back to its roots. In Alan Wake, the TV show called Night Springs is important.

It’s Twilight Zone-inspired, has a punchy tone, and can still contribute to Alan Wake’s crazy lore. In fact, the world often resorts to meta references, and the Night Springs DLC can go in that direction while still capturing the energy and atmosphere of the TV show. Alan Wake 2 featured an unusual, bizarre, yet extremely humorous song and dance number performed by the Elder Gods of Asgard. It came out of nowhere, but it became a highlight of the story. Since the Night Springs show is on the same crazy level, perhaps the DLC can take the story and atmosphere in that direction.

What might the DLC be about? Maybe the last song on the Alan Wake 2 soundtrack, Night Springs, can give us a hint. It’s a good pop song performed by Keira, and it had a very different tone from the base game (which was dark, almost eerie). Night Springs doesn’t even appear in the game, and it turns out that it will be used in Remedy Entertainment’s Night Springs DLC, so it could be the opening theme for the TV show, giving a taste of the DLC’s atmosphere.

Remedy Entertainment has already confirmed that the Night Springs DLC will be released for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series and PC sometime this spring (around May?), and the lyrics may hint at elements of the story involving space invaders and the human suit…

Source: GameRant

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