GTA VI: Soundtrack Leaked; Could A Popular RDR2 Feature Return?!

There’s still a lot we don’t know about GTA VI, so when new information leaks online, fans take it like candy…



The latest new piece of information is a part of the GTA VI soundtrack that has reportedly surfaced on Spotify. Fans are already scratching their heads as to what this could mean.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted that the official Spotify background of Anita Ward’s best song, Ring My Bell, was replaced with the GTA VI logo, leading to speculation that it was a mistake or that the song will play a big part in Rockstar’s upcoming game.

Licensed music has been a part of Grand Theft Auto games for years. It’s always nice to see what music will be included in the next soundtrack. The song Set Up has been stuck in my head ever since it was used as the outro of GTA V’s campaign. According to fans, Ring My Bell could be used similarly.

Fans commented on a post sharing the news. Many believe that the song will either be used for the next trailer or will be part of the in-game radio playlist. Alternatively, it may also appear as an intro/outro of the story or one of the characters.

The most likely possibility is that the song will be used in the following trailer for GTA VI. But considering how long we had to wait for the first trailer, we don’t know when we’ll get the second one.


Could serial killers be back in GTA VI?


While speculating about the features that will be included in the game, many have taken inspiration from Rockstar’s best game to date, Red Dead Redemption 2. It’s easy to see why. Considering the game is complete perfection, especially with its dynamic, open world, which is still better than anything more modern games have presented since.

Of all the open-world details and gameplay elements that Rockstar Games was able to put into GTA VI, one that really stands out is the psychopaths.

These disturbing NPCs can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2. One of the best-known examples of this is the Saint-Denis vampire.

Fans agree, too. One posted on Reddit that they “hope to have some serial killers in the game” for the player to track down and eliminate.

Others agreed. Many have said that there needs to be more dynamic open-world random encounters for players to encounter to make the exploration worthwhile.

Due to the size and scope of Grand Theft Auto VI’s open world, it wouldn’t be difficult for Rockstar to have more mysteries to solve in the game.

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The Grand Theft Auto VI logo has appeared on the Spotify page of Anita Ward, and in the background of one of most famous songs of her, “Ring My Bell”
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