iPhone 16 Pro/Pro Max: They Won’t Come With This Rear Camera Bump, Will They?

TECH NEWS – The prototypes of two of Apple’s top phones planned for this fall have a highly unusual look.


It is standard practice for the Cupertino-based tech giant to produce several design prototypes before mass production begins. Except, according to an insider, Apple is currently testing the iPhone 16 Pro and iPhone 16 Pro Max with one of the most absurd rear camera bumps ever. It looks like the front of a triangular electric shaver on the back of Apple’s top-of-the-line phones. While you could argue that we can get used to the look over time, it is an incredibly strange sight.

An insider who goes by the name of Majin Bu claims, based on several sources who wish to remain anonymous, that there will be a triangular camera cover on the two more expensive models of the iPhone this year. According to him, this could be Apple’s decision to put more cameras in future flagship phones, or if not cameras, at least sensors that could be larger than previous models.

In the iPhone 16 Pro, Apple may use a tetraprism telephoto lens, while the iPhone 16 Pro Max may be much more powerful in the primary camera than the top fifteen. It may use Sony’s Exmor IMX903, which is slightly larger than the IMX803 (1/1.14″) and will support dual-layer transistors, for example. The maximum resolution will reportedly still be 48 megapixels, but due to the physical size increase, Apple probably had to modify the rear module.

Majin Bu previously said that the iPhone 16 was rumored to have been tested with a front-facing punch-hole camera cutout, but that concept was probably scrapped, and they may do the same with this triangular rear bump. Of course, none of this is official yet, as the iPhone 16 is not yet in mass production. This will be announced later this summer, perhaps at WWDC, so that Apple has enough stock of all four models for the fall launch.

Just don’t leave that bump on the back of the phone, because it doesn’t look good.

Source: WCCFTech,

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