Bob Marley One Love is Even More Popular Than Expected

MOVIE NEWS – The Paramount studio has no reason to complain because its new production has so far brought in a massive 80 million dollars. This category of Bob Marley One Love – a biographical film about a famous musician – is one of the most successful in recent times, ahead of Elvis and Rocketman about Elton John. t and is only second behind Bohemian Rhapsody. It probably goes without saying that in Marley‘s home country of Jamaica, the film is currently producing the best attendance figures of all time.


Meanwhile, People magazine investigated why viewers consider the film so authentic and rich in detail. Many noticed, for example, that in the scene when Marley is attacked by armed assassins in his home, he is juggling a grapefruit. The question arose as to where the idea for Marley to pull off a funny stunt when he was about to be killed came from – well, it actually happened. The information was provided by Neville Garrick, the musician’s art director and close friend, who was present on that near-fatal night and became the film’s expert historian. “When we were preparing for that scene, I said, OK, what was Bob doing at that particular moment? – recalls Kingley Ben-Adir, the title character of the film. – Let’s be authentic, I said, because this is already history. That’s when Neville mentioned this grapefruit thing. These are small crumbs of reality that we can only get from a person who was a part of the events.”

Marley, who advocated social reconciliation, was wanted to be killed by his political opponents on December 3, 1976. The seven assailants who stormed the house opened fire on the occupants, shooting Marley in the chest and arm, his wife, Rita, in the driveway, wounding his manager, Don Taylor, and the band also one of his colleagues, Louis Griffits. Miraculously, everyone survived the attack, and two days later, the recovering Marley held his historic concert, around which the plot of the film is organized.

Source: UIP

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