Is Microsoft Planning To Launch A New Xbox Series X Model?

Not only would the color of the console change, but some of its internals are rumored to change as well.


The Xbox Series S will be released in white and the Xbox Series X in black in November 2020. Last year, however, the Redmond-based company did the opposite, as Microsoft released a black Xbox Series S. From this, it would logically follow that a white Xbox Series X is coming. Well, a new rumor about this has surfaced on Exputer, with the site relying on supposedly confidential sources of information about the snow-white Xbox.

We’ve also previously reported that a digital model of the Xbox Series X could be in the works. Rumor has it that Microsoft will spare the Blu-ray drive on the white version, and that this console will be released sometime in June, possibly July, but a delay is not out of the question. Other changes are also rumored: a better heat sink will be included in the newer Xbox Series X model, and the Nexus socket will be better. Since there will be no optical drive in this console, it will be cheaper, and given the price of the PlayStation 5, there will probably be a $50 difference between the two models. There could be a bigger discount than that, as Exputer reported a difference between $50 and $100.

Exputer can be considered reliable as they gave an accurate release date for Forza Motorsport, so they are well sourced on Xbox issues. It’s also worth remembering that Microsoft frequently releases hardware upgrades and different models, so there’s also potential in the white version of the Xbox Series X that skips the Blu-ray drive.

So this is all unofficial, but if such a console is indeed in the pipeline, it’s also why we can reasonably believe that Microsoft is slowly starting to thin out its retail editions of games, and the Redmond company is admittedly following consumer demand. At least that’s what Xbox boss Phil Spencer said recently (and it’s been in the news).

Source: WCCFTech, Exputer

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