Abigail: It’s Now Official that the Vampire Girl in Tutu is Not Holding Back

MOVIE NEWS – Abigail, in which a ballet-loving vampire girl fights among those who kidnapped her to demand a ransom for her, has received a not-mild age rating.


In the American system, the R rating means that viewing the work is only recommended for people under 17 accompanied by an adult. In our case, the justification reads “violence, bloodshed, swearing and brief drug use”. In light of this, the fans of the genre can be satisfied, as they often complain that many regular slasher films – living with visual disturbances – bleed since the creators restrain themselves for the sake of a lighter age rating. It looks like Abigail won’t disappoint, if only because one of the main characters, Kathryn Newton, says this movie is kind of a rip-off of M3GAN-</em > can also be called, that is, it surpasses last year’s great success, in which a self-aware robot doll shredded the characters. By the way, M3GAN received a slightly lighter rating than Abigail, even though it wasn’t exactly a Sunday matinee.

M3GAN 2.0 will arrive in mid-May next year. According to industry assumptions, the presentation originally planned for January was pushed to the end of spring because the sequel also promises to be a great success, which is why it is one of the big attractions of the summer movie season.

(Abigail – domestic release: April 18, 2024.) (M3GAN 2.0 – domestic presentation: May 15, 2025)

Source: UIP

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