DirectX DirectSR: Microsoft Is Also Preparing Upscaling Technology!

TECH NEWS – The Redmond company is working with Nvidia and AMD on a solution.


Microsoft plans to unveil its DirectX DirectSR “Super Resolution” technology at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC). This is the first time we’ve heard this name, as there have been no leaks about it so far. It’s probably an upscaling technology with a very similar name to AMD’s FSR. Since Microsoft has no technology for this, the company is trying something new.

The information comes from the GDC schedule, and according to the description of Microsoft’s show, we’ll get a deeper look at DirectSR so the audience can see it in action. Working with AMD and Nvidia, there could be a universal way to integrate it into games, making it even easier for developers to implement upscaling in their products.

“The DirectX team will showcase the latest updates, demos, and best practices for game development with key partners from AMD and NVIDIA. Work graphs are the latest way to take full advantage of GPU hardware and parallelize workloads. Microsoft will preview in DirectSR, making it easier than ever for game developers to scale super-resolution support across Windows devices,” the GDC site wrote.

Previously, there were rumors that the next major update to Windows 11 (24H2) would include an AutoSR (Super Resolution) feature, but we don’t know if this is the same as DirectSR. However, Microsoft is serious about this as they are working with the manufacturers to do this and Intel is also involved as they also have a similar technology (XeSS). Intel and Nvidia’s solution (DLSS) is AI-based, while AMD’s FSR is more traditional, but with AI-tuned algorithms it is not far behind the other two.

GDC takes place this year from March 18-22, so we’ll know more soon. Presumably, this is also a way to attract gamers to Windows 11, as its market share is still low.

Source: WCCFTech, GDC, Videocardz

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