Could Rainbow Six Siege Get A Sequel?! The Game’s Creative Director Was Asked

Alexander Karpazis ultimately ruled out a sequel to Rainbow Six Siege but believes that Ubisoft’s shooter could continue forever…



As the years go by, it’s still very noticeable that Rainbow Six Siege is still in great shape in terms of content. All of this helps to keep players enjoying FPS. Ubisoft’s shooter was released almost ten years ago, and every year, the game is updated with patches, expansions, seasons and more. However, some players are asking: what will happen in the future? The answer is very simple.

It turns out that the game’s creative director, Alexander Karpazis, spoke about the title at the Siege Invitational 2024 in Brazil. At PC Gamer’s request, he shared his thoughts on making the sequel, which he doesn’t like at all:

“The idea of switching engines to something that can be off-the-shelf ready simply doesn’t answer the needs of a really competitive and demanding game like Siege,” explained the director of the shooter developed by Ubisoft Montreal.

“I’m not going to name names, but you see games that did go through sequels and just completely drop the ball because they have to remake every single thing that they did in that first game,” explains Karpazis, then describes what it can bring the sequel to Rainbow Six Siege. “It can be really frustrating, really costly, and in the end, it doesn’t even give you anything that was a benefit. If you know what you have to begin with, and you build it up, that is where we see success. And that is where we know we can take Siege into the future.”


Rainbow Six Siege can be updated forever


The leader thinks further and makes it clear that a tactical action FPS can work in the long run. “We really do know that this is a game that can last forever with the people and the talent and the tools that we have today.” Karpazis acknowledges the uniqueness of the game with the following: “The team is incredible, and we have a huge engine pipeline team that every single month incrementally improves the way that we can deliver content faster, more robust, more stable, hopefully as much as possible.”

Source: PC Gamer

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