Is Labyrinth 2 Finally In The Making?! Here’s Everything We Know!

MOVIE NEWS – Jim Henson’s cult-classic fantasy film returns in the long-awaited sequel, and exciting news has already arrived about Labyrinth 2.



Jim Henson’s 1986 film Labyrinth was one of the great cult classics of the decade. Now, the fantasy story returns in Labyrinth 2. The original film follows a young girl, Sarah, who must enter the titular labyrinth to save her little brother from the goblin king, Jareth. The cinema is perhaps best remembered for David Bowie‘s catchy tunes, but it also combined Jim Henson’s amazing puppetry skills with the filmmaker’s full imagination.

Like its predecessor, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth underperformed at the box office and was largely panned by critics in 1986.

However, the film has since been re-evaluated by critics and fans alike and quickly gained a cult following after its release on video. Jim Henson’s other fantasy project, The Dark Crystal, was revived in the unfortunately short-lived series The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance on Netflix. It made Labyrinth 2 that much more likely. A sequel to the 1980s legacy is now in the works, but there’s little news about the Henson studio film.

News about the long-awaited sequel has been sporadic at best. In the latest update, Brian Henson has clarified the status of Labyrinth 2 after it was previously reported to have been cancelled. While tight-lipped about the film’s status, Henson clarified that it is still “a project we’re very excited about.”

He also indicated that his sister, Lisa Henson, would be better able to answer questions about the film as she is the CEO of the Jim Henson Company.


The sequel has been in development for quite some time


The first announcement regarding Labyrinth 2 came back in 2014. The long-awaited sequel has since gone through several incarnations. Several script updates conflicted with each other. In fact, the film was seemingly cancelled in late 2023 before being denied in early 2024. Although the project has been under development for a decade, no significant progress has been made. All this suggests that, despite the confirmation, it may never see the light of day.



Labirintus 2 / Labyrinth 2 / Labyrinthe 2



Who makes Labyrinth 2?


Although the film’s final fate is still undecided, several creators have joined the project over the years. Most recently, director Scott Derrickson signed on to direct the movie. He replaced Fede Álvarez, who was previously announced but will retire in 2020. It’s unclear if Derrickson is still the director. He seemingly confirmed that the project had been shelved before Brian Henson contradicted him and confirmed that the film was still in development.


What will happen in the sequel?


As with everything else surrounding the problematic sequel, nothing is known about the plot of Labyrinth 2 either. Back when Fede Álvarez was directing, the director of Evil Dead (2013) made it clear that the biggest challenge was making the story commercially viable. Taking this into account, it is not sure that the film is conceived as a pure sequel. Or maybe it will be a reboot.

Recasting David Bowie’s Jareth is perhaps the film’s biggest hurdle, and it’s doubtful that a filmmaker would attempt to replace the late rock legend.

Instead, Labyrinth 2 will have to explore another corner of the fantasy universe. Maybe a prequel, like The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. Until more details are revealed, it’s impossible to know precisely what will happen if a sequel is ever made.

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