Nintendo Switch 2: It Might Repeat Its Predecessor’s Approach!

The yet-to-be-announced successor to the Nintendo Switch (which, for lack of a better and official name, we’ll call Switch 2, since it’s supposed to be in the same format) doesn’t deviate from what once worked for the big N.


A Japanese publication, Nikkei, has reported that Nintendo’s next-generation console has been delayed. Since we previously reported that the company was planning on September or October 2024, there may be some truth to this. According to Nikkei, the Switch’s successor will be released sometime in 2025, and we’re just over a year away from seeing the officially untitled next-gen hardware in stores.

According to Nikkei, the successor to the Nintendo Switch would be released in March 2025. So this would be a repeat of what the Switch did, as it was available starting in March 2017, and the launch date worked for Nintendo then as well. There’s an explanation for the March launch: the Japanese company wants to produce enough consoles, and have “popular games” to bolster the Switch successor’s hardware launch list. So there shouldn’t be a (huge?) shortage of the new console if there’s a huge demand for it.

The March release also makes sense because it’s still in the next fiscal year (April to March), so Nintendo could afford to miss this year’s holiday rush. Of course, this doesn’t mean that Nintendo won’t be in a bit of a tough spot at the end of the year, as the Switch will be seven and a half years old by then, and if the Japanese company doesn’t release any long-awaited games for it (such as Metroid Prime 4), Nintendo could be in for a bit of a slow period before the new console’s release.

All of this is not official information yet, and we will probably have to wait until June for Nintendo to unveil the Switch’s successor (although it could wait until the fall, as it did with the Switch).

Source: WCCFTech, Nikkei

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