PlayStation 5 Pro: Do Publishers Know About Its Specifications? [VIDEO]

If third-party publishers (e.g. Electronic Arts, Ubisoft) are already aware of what Sony’s yet-to-be-announced half-generation console will be capable of.


In the latest episode of the Sacred Symbols podcast, embedded below, well-known insider Colin Moriarty talks about how one of his contacts works for a mid-sized publisher and he specifically told him that Sony has informed the cg about the specs of the PlayStation 5 Pro. So it goes without saying that the first and second party studios (both internal and with many ties to Sony) already know.

If so many in the gaming industry know that Sony is indeed planning a half-generation console refresh, it means that the company will be launching another one after the PlayStation 4 Pro, and we can expect an announcement about it perhaps in the near future. Rumors suggest that Sony will promote this console as a product capable of 120 FPS at 4K resolution, that the PlayStation 5 Pro will do this with artificial intelligence-based upscaling similar to Nvidia’s DLSS, and that developers won’t need much effort to take advantage of the extra performance…

The PlayStation 5 Pro hasn’t even been officially confirmed yet, but Sony should do so soon, and for good reason: almost everyone in the industry believes that the console will be released sometime in late 2024. So we should be seeing it soon, and the lid will definitely be officially lifted on the device sometime in the summer. Maybe in the early autumn.

The only question now is what the price will be, and what could also be a twist is that Sony might launch the PlayStation 5 Pro with a non-integrated Blu-ray drive as standard, meaning it will be detachable, as seen with the redesigned PlayStation 5 that’s been available since last fall.

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