Epic Games May Have Been Attacked: Nearly 200 GB Of Data Stolen?

This time, a ransomware group has targeted Tim Sweeney’s company.


Cyber Daily has reported that a ransomware gang called Moglievich (a relative newcomer to the “industry”) may have attacked Epic Games’ servers and stolen 189 gigabytes of data. The dump includes email addresses, passwords, full names, payment information, and source code. As is (unfortunately) common, Moglievich is looking to sell the stolen data, and while it is not known exactly how much the ransomware group is demanding, a deadline of March 4 has been set.

The team has not substantiated its claims, so it’s hard to believe that 189 GB of data were stolen from Epic Games servers, and we can’t imagine what it could be, since a database with personal data can fit in a fraction of that size (even 1 GB would be too big), so it’s likely that the Unreal Engine, as well as Fortnite, could be involved in the theft, if they mentioned that some source code was stolen.

It’s a good idea to change the password of your Epic Games account as soon as possible, because who knows if we’re involved in data theft. At the end of 2023, Insomniac Games had their personal data stolen, as well as the personal data of their current and former employees, not to mention the source code of several of their games and their development schedule for the near future. A few years ago, Capcom was also the victim of such an attack (and we learned what games the Japanese publisher was planning for the next few years).

In a statement to Eurogamer, Epic Games said that an investigation into the matter is ongoing, but that they have not yet found any evidence that the company’s servers were actually hacked by unauthorized people, so it could be Moglievich’s bluff. After all, when Epic asked for proof, the team did not respond. So why should we believe them if they can’t?

Source: WCCFTech, Cyber Daily, Eurogamer

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